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Summer is finally here! We have exciting new specials to announce that will be available June through July. We also have some skin care and makeup tips to help with the change in weather and explain the benefits of LED Light Therapy.

June and July Specials
Skin Care Tips
  • Wear sunscreen every day, no exceptions! Even if it’s not sunny out, those harmful UV rays are peaking through the clouds.
  • Wear a sun hat to protect your skin. We’ve got some cute ones at our spa you can try on next time you’re in!
  • Don’t forget your lips! It’s easy to remember your face and body for sunscreen, but don’t neglect SPF on your lips. Glo has a great Lip Balm that has SPF 15 and all the hydration you need.
  • Use Vitamin C throughout the week. Vitamin C is great for all skin types, and it is an antioxidant and environmental protection serum. Here’s a great article all about the benefits of Vitamin C.
Makeup Tips

Summer is the time to let your skin breath and just enjoy the sun. We recommend doing a light tinted moisturizer that offers sun protectant, and topping it off with a powder that also has SPF
Here are some suggestions for days where you want a full face of makeup:

  • Remember to protect your skin throughout the day! It is a good idea to have a finishing powder with SPF (Glo has a great one. Click here for more details) or a setting spray that has SPF in it. This will give you the
  • added sun protection your skin needs while keeping your makeup looking flawless throughout the day
  • Wear water resistant mascara. Through all the sweat, swimming, and setting spray mist it’s a good idea to prevent mascara smudges
LED Light Therapy for Summer

What is LED light therapy? LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment that uses LED lights of varying wavelengths (colors) to help with sun damage, redness, and stimulate collagen production. We customize what lights are used based on your skin care needs.

Our LED equipment has red, blue, green, and yellow lights. Red lights increase blood and lymph circulation and in turn helps with healing and reducing inflammation. Blue lights are used mainly for killing bacteria. This can reduce inflammation and helps with acne. Green lights help with hyperpigmentation and fading discoloration or spots. Yellow lights help minimize redness and sooth skin.

Because of all the healing properties of LED Light Therapy, it is a great summer time treatment. It will help with previous sun damage and rejuvenate your skin.

  • Want to know more about light therapy? See Here.
  • Want to book a light therapy appointment? Book Here.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Sabrina and the Calming Waters Team